How do I assign a location that is not an address or set of coordinates?

01-09-2019 11:27 AM
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Hi all,

Noob here. I have precinct level election data stored as an excel workbook and my precinct shapefiles already represented on my map. The precinct shapefiles and the election data both have a "Precinct" ID field that I would like to use to assign election results to specific precincts. When using the geocoding tool, I've selected the "precinct" field as the location source in Step 3 but there is no option for me to use the "Precinct" IDs in my shapefile as the destination location. How do I do this? I've attached a sample worksheet and shapefiles. Thanks all!

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If the Excel table and the shapefile both have the same "Precinct ID" field you should be able to join the two tables based on that field. Right click on the shapefile layer in the Table of Contents and go to Joins & Relates -> Join -> Join attributes from a table.

Some potentially useful documentation:

ArcGIS Pro: Overview of joins and relates—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop

ArcMap: About joining and relating tables—Help | ArcGIS Desktop

How To: Join an Excel spreadsheet (.xls) to a feature class in ArcMap

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Solved. Thank you so much!!! MyHero.mp3

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