New Conservation Easement Monitoring Solutions

10-04-2019 11:36 AM
Esri Contributor

The recently released Conservation Easement Monitoring Solutions include maps and apps that can be used to

  • understand current property conditions
  • routinely inspect conservation easements
  • manage project locations
  • monitor inspection programs
  • engage stakeholders in conversations that conserve natural areas

The solutions are largely based off the USFS Forest Legacy Program (FLP) workflows that are implemented by all states, although the solutions can be configured to be used in support of other similar easement programs in conservation and land management agencies. You can find the solutions with our other natural resources solutions. 


Check out the Getting to Know Conservation Easement Monitoring Story Map to learn more.

Michael Bialousz

State and Local - Environment and Natural Resources

Natural Resources

Esri Forestry Group (EFG)

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