How to create an ellipsoid shape in ArcGis Pro

07-26-2018 01:51 PM
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Do anyone know how to create an ellipsoid shape (3d ellipse shape) based on major and minor axis? I can create an ellipse fine, but would like the equivalent tool for an ellipsoid.

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surely someone has the same issue as me?

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This is as close as I’ve got so far in Pro.


  1.       Table to Ellipse to create 2d ellipses
  2.       Feature to Polygon to convert polyline to polygon
  3.       Feature to 3d by attribute, to give polygon a z value
  4.       Layer 3D to feature class, to convert PolygonZ into Multipatch
  5.       Manually rotate the polygon ellipse multipatch so that it is orientated in the z axis
  6.       Duplicate the ellipse
  7.       Rotate one of the ellipses 90 degrees in the horizontal plane.
  8.       Minimum bounding volume, gp tool that encloses features as a multipatch volume. Using the Convex hull setting.


Too mandraulic, and the end result is still not fully curved like an ellipsoid. I suppose it might be easier to programmatically create them in some other software and then import back into Pro.

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Did you find a solution? I'm interested in the same thing. Some 3rd party software to create a 3D model of an ellipsoid and then import it to Pro seems problematic. I think of problems lining up coordinate systems on the exported and imported object.

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