change detection between 2 DSMs?

08-10-2020 06:28 PM
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I have drone data from 2 flights over a small neighborhood pond that is being excavated; one pre-digging, and one about 2 months later.  I would like to see how much silt has been taken out of the lake.  I have used Drone2Map to produce the full 3D products.  I feel like the DSMs show the most detail, but when I pull them into ArcGIS Pro, I cant get the same level of detail that I see in Drone2Map.  I do also have DTMs and point clouds from both flights.   Any advise on how to do that would be greatly appreciated!  #changedetection 

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Hey Kasey, it's possible you need to adjust some of the settings for rending rasters in Pro. See documentation here.

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