02-24-2021 03:02 AM
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Hi, recently started to use the Arcgis.

and, my work is creat kriging map, and compare the results.

also i have different 3 types of data to study, so it's good to analyze the data with GA tools.

but, data1 and data2 is working well.

but after kriging data3, the GA layer to points tool doesn't work anymore.

i mean, the result says predicted and measured data is all same.

as you know, it can't be.

please solve my problem. i don't know why happen especially to data3.


can you see? the error value is all zero, it couldn't be....

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I suspect that the perfect predictions are due to the lack of nugget effect in the kriging model.  If no nugget is used, Kriging will always predict the values of the input points with no error or standard error.

For the Kriging model you used for your third dataset, can you check the value of the Nugget parameter?  It is likely either disabled or equal to 0 (both will produce predictions without error).  You can find the nugget and all other parameters parameters in the Method Properties of the geostatistical layer.  

Please let me know if this isn't the source of the problem or if you have trouble finding the nugget values of the three kriging models.

-Eric Krause

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