Error 120090 - states input field value, but there is no place for it? Hot Spot Analysis

02-07-2021 07:57 AM
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I need to run multiple spatial statistic analyses, and keep having issues.  I have tried numerous numbers in the "Bin Size" and "Neighborhood Size" and keep getting this same Error 120090 message.  The most frustrating part is I do not see any option for choosing input value fields.  This layer is not time enabled. Screen shot of parameters and error provided. Please help. Thanks.

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If this is related to the Spatial Statistics toolset, then the options are below.

If it is related to the feature analysis toolset in enterprise do you have privileges?

(Requires your account in ArcGIS Enterprise to have the Perform Analysis privilege)

You probably do, but, just checking

The Spatial Statistics option requires the extension of the same name.


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