Calculation of the weighted mean of several Polygons  along a line feature

01-05-2013 10:20 PM
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Hi there,

My aim is to get the weighted mean of different polygons (from the layer forest density) along different profiles (rockfall paths) according to the length of the line segments. This single value per profile is used for a rockfall-model (see, which takes the forest into account. 


I know, it would be possible to get with the #intersect# tool the length of the profile within each polygon and then i could calculate the weighted mean by hand (length A*ValueA +Length B*value B ...). But because i want to do it for a lot of profiles, i am wondering, whether there is already such a tool implemented (Im using ArcGIS 10.1). It would be something in between #extract value to point# and #Line Statistics# --> Add Statistics to Line or so...

Thanks for advices...
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