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Join us for a GeoNet AMA (Ask Me Anything) with Dawn Wright, Esri Chief Scientist

11-20-2017 05:46 PM
Esri Community Manager

Event details:

What: Join us, with special guest Dawn Wright, Esri Chief Scientist, for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) live on the GeoNet Community in the Sciences group. Ask Dawn anything about science, GIS, her work at Esri (including the relationship of Esri to the scientific community), what's coming up at AGU, and any fun, interesting and thought-provoking questions.
When: The AMA event will take place in this discussion thread on Friday December 8, 2017 from 10:00am-11am PT.

How to participate:

• During the AMA, if you are logged into GeoNet, you can post your questions in the comments below and Dawn will reply to your questions in the comments.
• You're welcome to post questions ahead of the AMA but we won't begin answering them until the AMA begins on December 8th at 10:00am PT.

Reminder: AMA Tips and GeoNet Community Guidelines

• You will need a GeoNet account in order to participate. If you don't have one, you can create one here.
• When asking questions and comments during the AMA, remember to follow the GeoNet Community Guiding Principles.
• During the AMA this discussion page will not auto-refresh, so please remember to refresh this page to see new questions, comments and replies.

You'll know the AMA is live when you see the picture below with Dawn. And then remember to refresh the page to see our updates and new questions and comments.

Thanks for joining us and we'll see you then!

10:00 am - And we're live! Go ahead and ask your questions! 

10:30 am - We're halfway through. Great questions! Keep 'em coming! 

10:55 am - Five minutes to go! Got any fun questions for Dawn?

11:00 am - Overtime! We'll continue to take your questions during this bonus 10 minutes! 

11:10am - And that's a wrap! The live AMA has ended but Dawn will continue to answer questions as schedules allow. Thanks for joining us and asking great questions! 


Michelle Mathias
Manager, Community Experience & Programs
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Esri Regular Contributor

My thanks to EVERYONE! What a great hour! Have a terrific weekend! And for those going to the humongous American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting next week, we'll see you there! Check out Esri's presence at AGU --> 

Dawn Wright (she/her/hers), Ph.D. & GISP | Esri Chief Scientist