State DOT Implementation Status Overview

12-12-2018 02:14 PM
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State DOT Implementation Status Overview

AGENCYSTATUSCurrent VersionNext VersionAsset ManagementOther CommentsMileageDesktop EditorsEvent EditorsStatus UpdatedURL
New York State DOTIn Production (Network Editing only)10.5.1AgileAssets 7.0 SP4Testing integration with AgileAssets. Designing integration with Oracle Primavera Portfolio Manager. Preparing to begin event editing in 10.5.1 later this Summer130000208/1/2017
North Carolina DOTWorking with Esri to resolve issues at 10.5 Patch 110.5 Patch 110.5.1Integrated with Agile Assets 6.9; testing 7.1 SP 5Upgraded to R&H 10.5 in preparation for release of 10.5.1160,0006155/25/2017RoadNC
North Dakota DOTIn Production (Network/HPMS)10.6NoneSQL Server backend with AD. In the process of implementing Portal/Roadway Reporter104,500243/14/2018
Indiana DOTIn Production10.5.1AgileAssets 7.0 SP 6Testing auto generated Milepost LRM, (GENLOG) working on Agile integration and Deighton integration109,0002100+6/12/2018Public Data Viewer
Maryland MDOT/SHAImplementation (Planning to be live in Spring/Summer 2017)10.3.1None at this timePossibly moving to 10.5 or 10.5.1 at go live31,050.964501/26/2017
West Virginia DOTIn Proudction (Network editing only, preparing for editing roadway characteristics data soon)10.3.1 Patch 410.4.1AgileAssets 6.9 (Preparing for upgrading to 7.0 SP4)359585112/8/2017
Ohio DOTIn Production10.5.1Went to 10.5.1 on 10/4/17121,0009910/4/2017
Minnesota DOTIn Production10.5.1Integrating with Agile Assets 7.0 SP4Our desktop editors also perform event edits.142,4635105/10/2018
Georgia DOTIn Production10.4.110.5.xPlan to implement Agile v. 7.2 due to feature class support128,13310159/1/2017
Utah DOTEvaluating / Implementing10.4.1Prototype Deployment Phase I complete, Evaluating Phase II complete June 2017, Possible Implementation 201846,297358/2/2017
Kansas DOTImplementing iteration 3 go live RH 4/2019, go live with business system interfaces 3/202010.4.1

Using NG911 road centerlines, cleansing data with 1Spatial Desktop,

implementing RH plus Transcends TDS apps

Nevada DOTR&H soft roll-out by April 2018. by Agile Assets to be implemented by Dec. 2018LRS unification and R&H implementation by Arcadis to be implemented by Jun 2018.62/14/2018
ITD (Idaho Transportation Department)Live in production10.6.1AgileAssets 7.0 SP5 - will not be integrating with AgileAssets63011/2/2018
Alabama DOTIn Production10.4.110.5In house102,019763/2/2017
Michigan DOTImplementing10. DTS VueWorksScheduled for Production in Fall 2017124,393268/1/2017
Iowa DOTIn Production10. at this timeCross event data validations, dynamic segmentation, and HPMS submittal done using Transcend's TDS App Suite114,0004208/2/2017
Bonneville County IDStill in Implementing Process10. at this timeWorking at getting portal installed, then moving to Esri Cloud800118/2/2017
New MexicoPreparing data migration from legacy data base10.4.1Agile Assets and MS2 for Traffic69,0008/2/2017
Rhode Island DOTImplementation (Planning to be live in Summer 2017)10.5 Patch 110.5.1VueWorks 2017.1Conflating MIRE, HPMS, and other events registered to their own LRS to the ALRS33008/2/17
California DOTPhase 1 implementation (22 months) of two phase effort10.5.1None at this timeR&H must be able to support the Caltrans Postmile System to be implementable196,000468/2/2017
Louisiana DOTDIn Production (working through day by day) Assets and TransmetricIntegrating with Transmetric. Investigating integration with Deighton and Project Management System. Configuring Portal. Maintaining one linear referencing system and processing a secondary linear referencing system. Performing lrs and event editing.104,000558/2/2017
Manitoba InfrastructureScoping Phase, production by 2019, 3 phase efforttargeting 10.5.1 or laternoneWe need to re-sync our highway inventory with our new conflated road network as part of this project11875258/3/2017
Alaska DOT & Public FacilitiesIn Production (excluding some linked end-user applications)10.5?Agile Assets 7.2 (implementing, production in spring of '18)14,000238/3/2017
Maricopa County AZIn Production (still have more implementation tasks including Workflow Mgr and Reporting) at this timeNeed to implement Workflow Manager and custom reports.2,400138/7/2017
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