Severe Editing Lag OKDOT - Solved!

01-22-2019 07:42 AM
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Hello All,

During a recent RHUG Call, we at Oklahoma DOT mentioned that some of our editors were experiencing severe software lag when they would start an edit session in our R&H Database. Several States reached out with suggestions of things they have done to improve performance and I want to thank y'all very much for your help and suggestions. While these suggestions didn't solve the initial problem, we have implemented some of the suggestions moving forward.

What we finally found to be the root cause of the lag was bad pathing to the Database when a couple of the editors took a copy of an MXD that another editor created. Each editor has a unique log in and version on the Database, so after they grabbed the copy they took the appropriate steps to change the connection log in and version to their own. What we finally discovered was that instead of the data paths being "Database Connections/{R&H Database}" like they should be, it was "C://Users/{User Name}/AppData/Roaming/ESRI/Desktop10.6/ArcCatalog/{Random Numbers and Letters}.sde". We have tested this again on different machines and found the same result. Any time we took a copy of an MXD with our R&H Database items in it the paths would turn to junk and cause severe performance issues. 

So, if you are experiencing software lag while editing in your R&H Database to the point where it is not usable, take a look at the pathing in the MXD. If you don't know how to view that, open ArcCatalog and find the MXD you are working out of. Right click on that MXD file in ArcCatalog and click "Set Data Sources". Then, highlight the items that are from your R&H Database and click "Replace". Type the desired path in the "Replace With" path. 

I hope this is helpful to somebody moving forward so you don't pull as much hair out as we did! 

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