Roads and Highways State DOT Implementation Status Details

12-12-2018 02:10 PM
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Roads and Highways State DOT Implementation Status Details

R&HPrimary R&H Business ObjectivesExternal Business System Integrations3rd Party Tools to Extend R&H FunctionalityAgency Developed Custom Software (related to LRS/RI)
Other Comments
Centerline Mileage
LRS Editors
Event Editors
Total Editors
Status Updated
General Status
Maintain LRS Network
Number of LRM
Maintain State Only, or State & Local
Maintain Events
Number of Events Being Maintained (ex - NHS, roadway width, shoulder, etc.)
Number of Unique Event Editor Applications
Top 3 Benefits to Business
Top 3 Performance Impacts Business
BridgesPavementMaintenanceCapital ProjectsFinancial SystemTraffic MonitoringCollector Integration
Vendor 1
Performance Status
Vendor 2
Performance Status
Vendor 3
Performance Status
Performance Status
Willing To Share (provide contact info / location)
System (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsSystem (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsSystem (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsSystem (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsSystem (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsSystem (version x)Integration TypePerformance StatusAdditional NeedsAssets in CollectorIntegration TypePerformance StatusAdditional Needs
Ohio DOTProduction10.5.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension1State & LocalYes - R&H8311. Potential integration functionality
2. Potential workflow management
3. Potential replacement for labor intensive BTRS process
1. Issues with core R&H product result in significant productivity losses (ex - ALRS inconsistencies & related event behavior performance)
2. API limitations (lack of interaction with LRS_EDIT_LOG)
3. Inconsistent workflows / use of tools across ArcMap tools and R&H tools
Benteley InspecTechManualAutomatic Integration NeededDeighton dTIMSManualundecidedAgile Assets 6.9NoneNot exploringCustom In-HouseManualWorks, labor intensiveAutomatic Integration NeededCustom In-HouseManualWorks, labor intensiveAutomatic Integration NeededMS2Manual 2-way integrationIn developmentTBDESRI CollectorManual 1 - way custom python script / RESTAcceptableAutomatic Integration NeededTranscend Spatial SolutionsValidation Assistantdata quality checksenables data validationsBTRSdistributes LRS & RI data to enterpriseMainframe, Java, DB processes, scriptingLabor intensiveCurrently having system configuration & workflow issues resulting in significant data quality issues121,7599994/26/2018
WVDOTProduction10.5.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension2State & LocalNo001. One authoritative LRS
2. Seamless integration w/ other ESRI ArcGIS applications
3. Flexibility to manage events
1. Async of LRS due to business rules
2. Challenging integration
3. Lack of accuracy from GIS
Benteley InspecTechManualIntegration NeededDeighton dTIMSManualIntegration NeededAgile Assets 6.91 way (under development)Integration NeededCustom In-HouseManualWorks, labor intensiveIntegration NeededCustom In-HouseManualWorks, labor intensiveIntegration NeededTransmetricManual 1-way integrationIntegration NeededESRI CollectorManualIntegration NeededNoneImplementing Event Editor for managing roadway characteristics; implementing a workflow to publish LRS38,000554/26/2018
MnDOTProduction10.5.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension1State & LocalYes - R&H4041. Authoritative Source
2. Manage events effectively
3. Utilizing the LRS .API
1. Constant issues with core R&H product
2. Complexity of training new people for R&H
3. Challenging integrations
SIMSundecided - dependent of carto-realignment fixesundecidedn/aAgile Assets 6x1 wayworkingCustom In-HouseSemi-AutomaticworksFMISAutomatic via ETLWorksJackalope (High Desert Traffic)NoneIn developmentCarto-graphic realignment issues caused Traffic to not integrateESRI CollectorManualIntegration NeededOur Desktop editors also perform event edits.138,794510104/23/2018
Kansas DOTTesting10.6.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension2State & Localnot yet, performing network cleanup ops10001. combine separate LRS systems to one system
2. Implement REST interfaces to LRS based busines systems
3. utilize partnerships with NG911 and GIS offices
1. implementation
2. Centerline/Network attribute and measure validation
3. Temporality
AASHTOWARE BRMtestdeveloptestInternal, Customcustomdevelopmenttestcustomcustomdeveloptestcustom In-Housecustomdeveloptestcustom In-House and FMIScustomdeveloptestJackalopedevelopdeveloptestSigns, Rail crossings, sidewalks, lights, bells, parking lanes, turn lanes, high water marks, WiFi access points...manualportions in production, other portions vailable but not implementeddocumentation, educational materials, communicationsTranscend Spatial Solutionsimplementing1spatial1spatial 1integratedata validation and enhancement, conflation, change detection, correction processinginterface between RH centerline and source NG911 centerline geometry143,0005/9/2018
Indiana DOTProduction10.5.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension2 production
+1 development
State & Localyes - R&H9891. Single source of truth
2. Integrates with other systems
3. Is accessible
1. ALRS System administration skills pool depth
2. Mission and redundancy planning
3. Stakeholder involvement in the network edit process
Bentley InspecTtechInternally developed 2 way integrationPhase 1 Acceptable
Phase 2 in development
Deighton dTIMSSystem, on demanddevelopmenttestAgileassets 7.0 SP61 waydevelopmenttestCustom In-Housecustomproductionmethod made redundant by dTims integration and scoping workflowsCustom financial app integration with Event Editor for FMISAuto notifications with manual project locations entryEffective but Event Editor is labor intensivemethod made redundant by dTims integration and scoping workflowsMS22 Way integrationdevelopmenttestADA, Retaining Walls, Cores, Slides, Luminaries, dTIMS Recommendations, Small Culverts, Patching Rx, Random Notes and Stuff, Special Markings and many moreNone planned with the exception of a new Maintenance planning playbook.Small Culverts (largest inventory) -performance is terrible. Others are OK.further testing of our collector / ALRS integration scripts/processTranscend Spatial SolutionsProductivity tools suite, Road AnalyzerIntersection manager and strip mapIM - process is in development
RA is in production
HNTBpython scriptingIntegrate Collector with Federal Rail Administration to maintain crossing data that the INDOT Rail division is responsible forOperational May 2018.Many internally developed systems interface with the ALRS for authoritative inventory and attributes.C#, pythonproductionNot really stand alone or realistically distributable, N/AAdding Rail network to R&H, May be adding trail networks to R&H109,0002100+100+6/12/2018
New York DOTProduction10.5.1Yes - R&H Desktop Extension1State & Localyes - limited asset events in Event Editor. Roadway Inventory to be established in R&H in 2018 using custom interface.42AgileAsset 7.0COTS
R&H / Agile
Agile system in production; integration pending Agile upgrade to 7.3linear bridge event locations are currently being verified in Event EditorAgileAsset 7.0COTS
R&H / Agile
Agile system in production; integration pending Agile upgrade to 7.3Current custom
New system wil be AgileAssets 7.3; expected 2019
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Is there a way states can update their information?  

Like: who is currently running 10.6.1 R&H/ArcGIS AND 7.3 Agile Assets/TAMS?  Are you in production, or testing?  And how is that going?

Hi Nicole, I added you and some others as editors of this document.

Hi Kyle, I'd like to request access to edit this document on behalf of the Michigan Department of Transportation. Thanks! 


more editors added - I think we have at least one from each state on the list, plus Arizona and Oklahoma now.  

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