Field Collection Workflows

03-11-2020 04:54 PM
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Offline field collection using collector/survey 123 is a major part of our data collection workflow and I am trying to figure out the best way to use those applications and then get these new features/edits back to an LRS event. 

Right now the plan is to duplicate the feature classes to the portal data store and then query the edits and locate new features periodically or at the end of the field season. This is is doable with the amount of data we collect but there must be a better way. Are there geoprocessing workflows that can take advantage of a feature service linear referencing capability? Is it something that requires more complex post collection scripting/processing/custom API?

Just trying to gather info on how other people locate the post their collected data.


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I know its not an answer but I did come across the link below. I have a vested interest in your question so I'll keep digging. Thanks!

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