Data Reviewer Checks in Pro

10-09-2019 09:20 AM
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What checks specific to Roads & Highways would you like to see built into Data Reviewer?  What requirements do you have for Data Reviewer checks in order to migrate your Roads & Highways environments from Desktop to Pro?

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We would want cross event validation, for things like ensuring that all inventory routes have coverage for certain events.  There are many event data cross-validation opportunities, like expected/valid surface width valid for different lane counts for an example.  There are many events we should be able to validate if a median is present vs if a median is not present, or based on Facility Type we should be able to validate event coverage based on coded values.

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Hello Kyle,

Cross-validation checks already exist in Data Reviewer for ArcGIS Pro as Event on Event checks. Check this out:



Hi Amit,

Thanks for the link!  That's great, I may have missed this from a recent presentation.  Good to see.  I will have to think of more to ask for then.

How about an "Event on Route" check, that would validate whether events are registered to the dominant route (or not).  This would be useful in a situation where a route dominance rule is altered, or a route edit is performed that alters the dominance relationship.  

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Another type of validation would be a "closed loop" validation that would allow validation of integrity of events that touch each other in the network.  

An example of this is the functional classification system for an example.  As a general rule but with certain exceptions like state borders/extents, major airports, parks, and intermodal facilities, highways with functional classification greater than local are typically connected to other highways with functional classification greater than local without dangles or "gaps" across null or local functional classification values.  It would be very similar to event on event, but it is more selectively looking for events touching other events, and ensuring there are no event gaps within subset values of events.  

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