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Hi Everyone,

Roads and Highways 10.8.1 was released last week.  You can see a list of issues addressed in the release here: Location Referencing 10.8.1 Issues Addressed 


ArcGIS Roads and Highways team

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While the Roads and Highways Dev Summit demo theater couldn't be given in person in Palm Springs, the session was recorded and is now available for anyone interested in learning more about the Location Referencing REST API and how your organization can utilize it.

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Hi Roads and Highways users,

In past years members of the Esri Roads and Highways team have attended the GIS-T conference to meet with current users for open discussion about the software.  While unfortunately the conference is cancelled this year, we’d still like the opportunity to connect with you for a meeting around the software.  Potential discussion topics include:

  • Your usage of the software
  • Any challenges you’re encountering while using the software
  • Questions you have about the future development
  • Your feedback on potential design decisions for future development

If you’re interested in meeting, you can find available meeting times in April, May, or June and schedule your meeting here  We'd ask that only users/business partners that are in production with, currently piloting, or implementing Roads and Highways sign up for a meeting.




Esri Roads and Highways team

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I had an engineering professor who used to talk about using the back of an envelope of junk mail to write an equation like this:

If I, a low trip kind of guy, took in my car, three trips per day, that would be about average.  When I didn't own a car, I had 1 or 2 trips to work daily, and trips outside that and as a rider probably once a day using my wife's car.  

When I got a truck, access to a vehicle, I started taking 3 times more trips per day, and much longer trips in distance and duration.  More trip time.  My pedestrian trips are limited to one or two miles in range and can take an hour or more.  My truck trips could be hundreds of miles and last 10 minutes but not usually more than 2 hours - its a loud truck.

With my nice personal car its easy to lose track of my casual trips per day, to the gym, a store, a restaurant, a church, a park, whatever it may be.... but I would take maybe 3 or 4 trips a day myself and with my family of 5 people and two cars, including a three year old, I guess we would average at least vehicle 10 trips per day between us all.

Where was I going with this?  Well my vehicle trips are down in my family by about 60-90%, averaging about 2 a day for my family of 5, back of the envelope math.  

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Esri Contributor

Roads and Highways 10.8 was released late last month.  The list of issues that were addressed and fixed in this release can be found here: Location Referencing 10.8 Issues Addressed.

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An update to Roads and Highways 10.7.1 patch 1 is now available.  You can find the update installer along with the issue it addresses here: ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.7.1 Patch 1 Update 1 for Desktop 

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The patch for Roads and Highways 10.6.1 is now available.  You can find the patch installer along with a list of issues fixed in the patch here:Esri Support Esri Roads and Highways 10.6 (10.6.1).

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Esri Contributor

The patch for Roads and Highways 10.7.1 is now available.  You can find the patch installer along with a list of issues fixed in the patch here: ArcGIS Location Referencing 10.7.1 Patch 1.

The 10.6.1 patch should be available in the first half of January.

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Hi Everyone,

Registration for the Roads and Highways holistic testing in November is now live.  See the information below to register for the event.

Greetings from Redlands!

Please join us on Tuesday, November 5th through Wednesday, November 6th for a Roads and Highways holistic test event using ArcGIS Pro 2.5 at Esri Headquarters in Redlands, California.

ArcGIS Pro in 2019 is a professional, high-performance, high-productivity GIS Workstation. Users transitioning from ArcMap will see that their familiar GIS functionality is available in ArcGIS Pro with better performance and usability. New users to ArcGIS will find in ArcGIS Pro a complete standalone 2D/3D desktop GIS, and a premium App for advanced visualization, analysis, and sharing across the ArcGIS Platform.

Roads and Highways in ArcGIS Pro provides familiar tools to complete LRS editing workflows such as creating, realigning, reassigning, and calibrating routes. In addition, new capabilities like the Locate Route and Measure tool, and an enhanced centerline selection tool, will be available to Roads and Highways in ArcGIS Pro users. Additionally, services published using ArcGIS Pro support new capabilities within web applications, like Event Editor, including undo/redo capabilities.

For this session, we are looking for LRS editors with familiarity using Roads and Highways in ArcMap as well as LRS/GIS managers and administrators who lead organizations familiar with Roads and Highways in a production environment. While much of the testing will be from a set of prepared exercises, participants are encouraged to bring their own established organizational workflows, processes, and methods to exercise during exploratory testing time provided in the session.

Testing machines, databases, data, and workflows will be provided for all participants. There is no need to bring your own data to the session. We are expecting that you will provide critical feedback on current Roads and Highways capabilities and features in ArcGIS Pro, as well as any functional gaps, and on the comparative user experience between Roads and Highways in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 and ArcMap.

This event will take place at the Esri-Redlands Office, 380 New York St Redlands, CA 92373, on Tuesday, November 5th through Wednesday, November 6th from 8:30AM to 5PM daily.  Remote attendance is not being offered for this session, on-site attendance only.

Due to the limited number of seats available for this event, we ask that any organization attending send a maximum of two participants from their organization. Please RSVP by Friday, September 27th.

If you are interested in participating, please RSVP to:

Thank You,

Holistic Testing Team
Software Products, Esri Inc

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