10.7.1 - Version Currently in Use

11-03-2020 08:06 AM
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Hello RHUG,


Here in NC, we’re rolling out a 10.7.1 implementation of R&H.  We’re getting an error after using the Run Reviewer Batch Job production mapping custom step when we try to close a job.  The workflows in Workflow Manager for Server Web Application have a pop-up that says the version is currently in use.

We’ve worked to remove all custom functionality and have narrowed down the issue with Esri support to this production mapping custom step.   


Its been quite some time and we still cannot get this COTS functionality to work.  Does anybody have any recommendations for research?




Create Version  -- using JTX Custom Step: Create Version

Create Data Reviewer Session -- Using Production Mapping Custom Step: Create Reviewer Session

Run Reviewer Batch Job -- Using Production Mapping Custom Step: Run Reviewer Batch Job

Clean Up Job -- Using JTX Custom Step: CleanUp

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