EventID automatically generated GUID or Well Know Naming System?

04-02-2019 08:21 AM
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Event data in R&H require an EventID (uniq). ESRI recommends using an automatically generated GUID of the Event Editor.

Registering an event within the ALRS geodatabase—Roads and Highways Desktop | ArcGIS Desktop 

We have points events in a well known naming system to which other evetns rever. It would be more user-friendly to us this system insted of the GUID.

What are your experiences?

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We use the GUID generated for the unique id of the EventID field.

Nicole @ Idaho Transportation Department

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North Carolina had a simple number populated for the data load and is using a GUID for editing, in either cases that field has no meaning for us. 

If I understand correctly you want to have a unique id value for the point that other data can be referenced. I would another field/s for the point id that you would maintain and populate. Just casually observing the field for linear events I don't think it would work the way you intent it to but I don't interact with point data that frequently to see if it behaves in the same manor. 

Maybe someone from esri can example the intent/purpose of the field and how they envisioned its use?

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