clip aerial map from Add Basemap Imagery to use in Microstation

02-16-2016 01:53 PM
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I wish to clip an aerial image from the "Imagery" of Add Basemap in Arcmap 10.3 and save as a sid file. How can I do that? Can someone help me please.

Example, I am looking to clip only the state of Minnesota from the "Imagery" of add basemap.

I am actually looking to extract clipped aerial image in an applicable format so that I can use it in Microstation or AutoCad. Any idea how I could do that so that I have spatial attributes on that image?                   

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Have you tried contacting the state of Minnesota about this?

In Utah, the state agency over mapping has a place on their site where you can download various tiles that you can load into Microstation. Also, the state has a WMS service from Google (that they partnered with) in order to have a tiled map that is 'live'.

I am not sure if Esri's basemaps were intended to be cropped. They're more of a background resource. There is a thread about clipping the basemap from ArcGIS Pro:

select and clip a basemap on ArcGis Pro

But I am not sure that will help you.

I would look into the state of Minnesota's GIS group as they likely have resources and may have a WMS that you can consume in Microstation.

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One issue to be aware of regarding SID images - they are a proprietary format.  ArcGIS can read them, but I believe one cannot export new SID images without purchasing software from LizardTech.

MrSID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chris Donohue, GISP

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