Iowa using Esri’s Survey123 software for improved pavement management

01-16-2018 03:24 PM
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"The quick and easy data access that Survey123 provides helps Iowa DOT determine the most cost-effective way to repair the pavement and make roads safer in the process."

Iowa DOT's Office of Construction and Materials is doing some great work with Esri's "Survey123 for ArcGIS" software.  Read more HERE.

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Motivated and visionary people in the construction office at Iowa DOT.  Having an ESRI technology framework, minimal bureaucratic process, good people  along with an enterprise training plan allows staff to create and be GISuccessful at Iowa DOT.  Thanks for posting.

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Eric, this is a great example of how Survey123 can be used at a DOT. Is there any chance you could post the Survey 123 form to the Departments of Transportation group? My guess is that other DOTs have a similar form so starting from your form would save time.

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Thanks Eric! This is great. I’ll try it out.

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My pleasure, Eric.  Happy to work with you all on this!