Holistic testing event for the next release of Collector for ArcGIS

09-18-2018 03:52 PM
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Esri is very close to the initial release of Collector for ArcGIS (Aurora) on iOS, and will be hosting a holistic testing event on October 2-3, 2018.  This is a great time to get involved if you are interested in exploring the new capabilities that Collector offers and want to test your existing data collection workflows.

Note:  This is a remote event and will be limited to iOS onlyFor those interested in participating, please fill out the below survey to ensure broad coverage of customers and industries:



During the event, participants will have the opportunity to test their workflows and provide feedback on new capabilities, including:

  • Taking and working with maps offline
  • Creating and working with pre-planned offline areas
  • Improved sync workflows, including auto-sync
  • Collecting data with high-accuracy GNSS receivers (including Trimble R1/R2)
  • Copying existing features from other layers
  • All the capabilities already available in our beta release

Thank you!