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Screenline application in ArcGIS?

08-28-2017 09:40 PM
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I am looking for a screenline application in ArcGIS for a transportation analysis. 

In short: 

- I have a serious of bus routes, represented by different lines running down a highway corridor

- These bus routes have a set of attributes, one of them is frequency, in buses per hour

- At various points along the highway corridor I would like to know the total number of buses per hour (sum of bus frequencies for each route in said corridor)

- In various transport modelling software you can draw lines (screenlines) across highway corridors to extract this type of information, is there a similar application in ArcGIS?



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Esri Regular Contributor

Hello, Rob.  No, I don't believe ArcGIS has anything like that.  The downloadable BetterBusBuffers tool might be the closest thing: 

That tool requires you public transit data to be in GTFS Format.

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If you just want to know what is at a point, you can simply use "select" all the lines at that point and summarize an attribute field. If you want to know what is under another arbitrary line (highway corridor), you can run CLIP against it and it will write out the portions of features that cross that corridor (line) and then you can summarize the attribute.

More info on these tools here:

An overview of the Extract toolset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

An overview of the Statistics toolset—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

Jay Sandhu

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