Prepare Railroad Data for Use with ArcGIS Roads and Highways Location Referencing

07-31-2023 06:01 PM
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ArcGIS Roads and Highways is a location referencing data management system, which, as its name implies is most often used for mapping vehicular traffic and linear assets related to roads and highways.

In this article, we introduce how you can use ArcGIS Roads and Highways with railroad data.  ArcGIS Location Referencing is also the toolset underpinning the ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing product, so it is quite possible to use this toolset to map many different types of linear assets and phenomena.

In this article, we will describe how you can load your railroad data into this linear referencing system for managing frequently changing layers of information as point events and line events, in a way that is fully time-enabled. 

This document here provides a step-by-step set of tasks for loading your data into this system. For starters, you will need ArcGIS Enterprise for Windows, with the ArcGIS Roads and Highways server extension, along with a web server for hosting the Event Editor web application. The user who follows these steps will need to be at least a Creator role on your enterprise portal, with the ability to create and edit enterprise geodatabases.

The attached document is a work in progress, and the steps may not be airtight for anyone's particular system. I would like to continue making the document better, so feedback is welcome, either in the comment thread below, or by emailing me (Jim Barry) directly at


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