Published Elevation Layer does not cointain elevation data

01-07-2021 05:14 AM
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Hello everybody,

I have some problems publishing an Elevation Layer to an Enterprise Portal. I have a .tif containing elevation data which I added as an elevation source in an ArcGIS Pro Scene. In ArcGIS Pro the data is displayed correctly.

When publishing the data as a Web Layer the process itself works and an Elevation Layer is published, but when looking at it in the Scene Viewer the Layer does not contain Elevation Data.

I tried several things, like referenced vs. registered data, different tiling schemes, ocal vs. global scene etc. but none of it worked. Since there is no error whatsoever I do not have an idea where to start looking.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? I am happy for all suggestions. Thanks.

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Esri Contributor

Hi Alexander,

Do you have an ArcGIS Server site with the Image Server role? In order to publish raster elevation surfaces, this is a requirement: