Publish FGDC (CSDGM) to ArcServer

01-09-2021 11:59 PM
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Hello everyone

I am publishing a dataset to ArcGIS Server , the dataset and the feature classes have corresponding metadata in FGDC CSDGM standard - prepared using ArcMap

After publishing when I try to access the same metadata using server REST endpoint, the metadata seems to be in a different format ( may be ArcGIS metadata standard ,not sure though ).


My Question

1) Does Arc Server support exposing metadata in FGDC format?

2) Is there a way to publish only publish / update metadata (over a already published map service )


* ArcServer version 10.6.1 ( my environment is ArcGIS Enterprise 10.6.1  )

  AGS is federated with Portal configured in HA


Thanks ,



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Hi udai,

CSDGM (FGDC) metadata that is shared must be upgraded in ArcMap to the ArcGIS metadata format. The upgrade process should copy the needed fields from the FGDC tags to the ArcGIS metadata tags.

On the publish side, the metadata is stored in Enterprise in the ArcGIS format, but you can specify a format for publishing--but only one format per portal. If you update metadata on the desktop and re-publish the service, the metadata should publish with the data. You can also edit the metadata directly on the server through a web interface.

ArcGIS Enterprise Help: Metadata FAQ

Metadata (place)

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