What does it mean when I am seeing lines with a distance of - 9000ft ?

07-26-2016 11:47 AM
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I am still working on the project area for the Utah PLSS Fabric, we have new survey data for a Sec. 6. I have rebuilt the section all the way down to the Gov. Lots, and it look good. But when I try to do an adjustment using the new survey corners I get a Fail and some strange Adjustment Reports. I have tried to modify my tolerances in the adjustment box to get the Adjustment to work, but still no luck. I have two lines that come back with a distance of -9532.993, I am not sure how I got a negative distance on a line??

I have tried to search for the Lines in the report list and can not find them, search by start and end point, length, and visual.

I also have 6 Line Points that "don't lie between line endpoints", very confused by this also.

Any one have an idea?

I have attached a shot of the area, the Adjustment Report, and a table of the lines I had selected during the adjustment.


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Hi Mike,

Try running the Repair Geometry tool on these lines to see if that helps.

Repair Geometry—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

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When I first ran Repair Geometry it errored out:

Error 00381: Utah\Lines is non-editable

Failed to execute (repairgeometry)

Help for Error 00381 -

If you need to run this tool using this dataset, consider converting it to an editable format, such as a geodatabase feature class or shapefile, and using that as input.

Ran Check Geometry it completed with no errors, and no problems inside the fabric.

Ran Repair Geometry on a exported feature class of lines, it ran fine, completed, no problems or deletions listed and there are still the same amount of lines.

So no luck with that.

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Have you contacted someone at SITLA about this? They may have seen something like this before and may be able to give you some assistance.

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