Smaller Values in Graduated Point Symbols should always display on top of larger values

04-30-2018 10:21 AM
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I'm still learning ArcGIS Pro but I've run across an issue I can't seem to resolve.  I'm building a  map and a corresponding layout with a point feature class that I am representing as graduated sizes and colors.  Normally ArcMap would be smart enough to always put the smaller points on top of the larger points. This prevents data points from being "lost" behind larger ones. 

ArcGIS Pro seems to do this most of the time but sometimes it's not quite "smart enough" to put the smaller point in front. See My attached screen shot:  On the left I have circled an example of where ArcGIS Pro symbolized the points correctly - with smaller values on top.  On the right I've circled an example of where the program is "hiding" the red circle below the orange. (It's just peaking out on the right side).  I've included a snapshot of my legend so you can see that red points are supposed to draw on top of all other symbols.  

I am unable to find an "Advanced symbology/Symbol levels" functionality when using Graduated Symbol by a value like I'm doing here.  

Perhaps I'm just missing a setting or is this a bug?


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