WFS - error while indexing occurs when using search envelope

09-25-2013 12:05 AM
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Hello everybody,

I have established a WFS connection with a PostGre database via the internet (ArcCatalog). Everything works fine as long as I don't specify a search envelope. If I do this I get the error message "This dataset seems to be invalid - Please verify that your settings or file contents are correct, and try again."

I am slightly confused because at the beginning of this WFS adventure there was no problem using the search envelope. It only occurred, when some changes  on the specifications of the WFS-Server itself had been made: a maxscale threshold had to be removed because the server didn't allow enough features to be transferred.  After that there appeared to be some changes in the "Parameters" prompt of the WFS in ArcCat. There appeared some "default" coordinates in the "search envelope" specifications indicating the envelope of the full source dataset, strangely enough in LatLong instead of UTM, which is the original coordinate system.

I would very much appreciate any ideas or comments.

Greetings and thanks in advance

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