I need to open a MDB file in ArcGIS Pro

03-15-2018 08:52 AM
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Hello everybody! I need to open a MDB file in ArcGIS Pro, but seems that the extension is no longer support in the Pro version, do you have any idea of how i can work with the MDB file? In some post i found that I need to use ArcCatalog and now I´m using the ArcGIS Pro trial version and there is no ArcCatalog in the Pro version.

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Hi William,

You will need ArcGIS Desktop to access the MDB database.  I don't believe there is a free trial of ArcGIS Desktop offered any longer. 

What type of data is in your MDB?  If it is just tabular data you can export the tables to a CSV using Access and then use these tables in Pro.  I would recommend importing the CSV files into a File Geodatabase so you can have access to more functionality.

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Instead of the trial version, you may want to look into ArcGIS for Personal Use Program | ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced for Personal Use   which includes ArcCatalog among other things.  

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ArcGIS For Personal Use  for more detailed info.


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Import it into a file geodatabase

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Can you give more informations how to import *.mdb database into *.gdb database?

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Actually did not consider you only have Pro. I have both so for me it is a simply matter of creating a new db and dropping it in.

Check the tools with PRO and see if there is a geoprocessing to do it for you

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ESRI wants you to move to PRO. I did move and removed ArcMap. Now i can't open or even convert my personal geodatabases to file geodbs? How ESRI didn't think of this before? No gp tool or anything !!!??

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Don't remove ArcMap until you are 100% Pro.  And not even then

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Came in to say exactly this. We thought we were 100% migrated to Pro workflows and tools, about a year ago. Still finding random things that have hurdles, such as this.

Recently received a .mdb from a client, they were unable to provide in a different format. Glad I still have good old catalog to use for this...  no .mdb access via pro seems like a mis- step to me even if we are leaving .mdb's in the past. 

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ESRI really needs to develop some included tool for converting MDB Access files into something legible by ArcGIS PRO.  They have just dropped support for a very popular format.  If ESRI wants PRO to be the desktop then at least make a GP tool for importing MDBs.