Habitat and Species Data Management

08-24-2021 07:41 AM
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This week's Tool Time session focuses on data management for habitat and various species in the Gulf of Mexico. We are excited to participate in this session alongside:

  • Emily Farr, NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation
  • Byran DeAngelis, The Nature Conservancy
  • Kara Meckley, NOAA Fisheries Office of Habitat Conservation
  • Josh Neese, SmartOysters

Esri's guest presenter this week is Sarmistha Chatterjee from our product development team. In her presentation, she will be showing how GIS can be used not only for data management but also to monitor species and habitats.

Sarmistha presented at Esri's Ocean, Weather, and Climate Forum last year.  You can view her presentation here

You can also learn more about how data in the ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World can help you create habitat rasters.  Read more here.


Want to get hands-on with some analysis tools in GIS? Our Learn ArcGIS Team has created a short lesson (1 hour) to help you learn how to use GIS to map species distribution patterns to assess protected areas. View the lesson here.


We look forward to seeing you at next week's GOMA Tool Time session, Watershed and Salinity