Cross-Platform Data Sharing, Collaboration, Conservation, and Coordination

09-13-2021 05:05 PM
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Esri is excited to be presenting the final episode of this season’s Tool Time with Amanda Sesser and Shannon Westlake from 21 Sustainability LLC, and Kristine Evans with Mississippi State University; and from StormCenter Communications Dave Jones and Dr. Ellen Prager, StormCenter Communications Chief Scientist.

This week’s session focused on data collaboration and sharing.  Esri’s presenter, Charmel Menzel highlighted some sites where people are utilizing ArcGIS tools, like ArcGIS Hub to promote and encourage sharing and collaboration for conservation and citizen science efforts. Organizations including government agencies, nonprofit groups, and academia, can maximize engagement, communication, collaboration, and data sharing through the ArcGIS Hub. You can leverage your existing data and technology and work together with internal and external stakeholders to track progress, improve outcomes, and create vibrant communities.

 Here are a few examples:


See more examples in the Hub Gallery


Don’t forget, you can view the recordings from past sessions on GOMA Tool Time.  If you have any questions or want to share your work, comment below.