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In 2013 the US Army Corps of Engineers collected topobathymetric lidar data along the State of Hawaii's coastlines. Topobathymetic lidar provides the land elevations and ocean depths of Hawaii's near shore environment in a single data set.

This data is now freely available to the public via NOAA's Digital Coast Data Access Viewer. The data is available with heights referenced to Hawaii's approximated Local Mean Sea Level (LMSL) or heights referenced to the ellipsoid.

For more information about the data contact jessica.h.podoski@usace.army.mil, for help acquiring the data via NOAA's Digital Coast contact ross.winans@noaa.gov.

To access / download data:

  1. 1. Go to:


  1. 2. Select Elevation

This will open the viewer

  1. 3. Navigate to Hawaii

  1. 4. Use the Pencil Icon to select the area of interest

  1. 5. The data in your AOI will be displayed on the right

  1. 6. Select the data for download and it will open in a new tab

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