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New Contributor II

So last week we switched to point at our new basemap server.

What does this mean if you are accessing our basemaps from an ArcGIS for Desktop Server connection?

  1. Your existing connection will keep on working and include additional basemaps ie. Aerial Imagery and Dark Grey Canvas
  2. The Geotiffs Topo Basemap and Community Basemap retain on the same URL's so they will still work from your saved MXD's

To ensure a seamless transition remember to clear your 'Display Cache' from 'ArcMap Options' here


Also worth noting is that we will continue hosting the old services into Q1 of 2015.

They can be accessed from


The Eagle Team.

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New Contributor II

Hi folks,

You may have noticed that with the release of our new Imagery and Gray Canvas Basemaps we have also updated the levels of detail (LOD) to fall in line with other common tile schemas used for serving basemaps on the web. We didn't make this decision lightly and wanted to standardise on a set of LOD's that we could apply to all future basemap services.

We realise that some of you have standardised your own basemap LOD's based on our first generation basemaps to mix 'n' match with ease. If this is the case it could take some time to move to the new format so we will continue to host our existing services until 31st January 2015 at the following location

The services will not be updated with the most up-to-date data and cartography but can be continued to be used without disrupting your existing LOD's.


Eagle Team.

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New Contributor II

NZ Basemaps includes all of the Eagle hosted Basemaps based upon the updated standards & content (August 2014). Feel free to use these Basemaps in your applications

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