Welcome to the DPS YTC, Why do you want to spend your Saturday learning GIS?

10-09-2015 01:38 PM
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Hello All

Welcome to the Detroit Public Schools Youth Technology Corps - Saturday Academy of GIS! We are all so pleased that you have joined this program. Please write a short response about why you wanted to become involved in this learning activity.

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I've been hearing about GIS for some time now, this is the first opportunity that I've gotten to come to training.  I know that it will be difficult spending each Saturday here, but I've decided to make the sacrifice.  I know that this is cutting edge technology and this is the future.  I would to be able to provide my students with these skills which will better prepare them for the future.  I consider myself a techie and I love incorporating technology and Social Studies. 

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I want to be able to learn a new skill and be able to teach my students this skill, so that they can possibly apply this skill to future careers and/or educational endeavors.

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I choose to spend my Saturday learning GIS because this is a great tool for teaching.  As a business teacher, it is my duty to stay informed about the new cutting edge career paths.  Learning GIS will enhance my teaching career, as well as, my students’ future.

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The reason I choose to spend my Saturday’s at Arc Gis is to expand my education and further enhance my skills to make me more marketable in society. This program seems to offer the skills required to create a more compressive understanding of statistical analyzation for the Modern World. I find spending Saturday’s a necessary requirement Because I am in the Commerce industry. I am a Commercial Truck Driver. I truly believe with these skills that Gis offer could enhance productivity in the industry.

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I like learning new things.

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I believe that completing this program would give me a competitive edge in the job market.

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I wanted to be involved because the fact that I will be learning a new skill, plus it will be a good experience for me as i am going to college and later on, the work force. GIS is also a good skill under my belt for future knowledge to come, and will help me in other subjects.

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I want to spend my Saturdays learning GIS because I have been interested in all types of engineering for a long time. Also, it would be good experience that would help my application stand out from others for various opportunities.

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I wanted to spend my Saturdays learning GIS because it sounded like a good opportunity to learn something new.