September2016 NKYmapLAB Ludlow Beyond The Curb "Urban Living Tour"

10-20-2016 11:29 AM

September2016 NKYmapLAB Ludlow Beyond The Curb "Urban Living Tour"

Beyond The Curb | Ludlow – September 2016 – LINK-GIS

Beyond The Curb | Ludlow, Kentucky

Beyond the Curb is a series of one-day, self-guided urban living tours in Northern Kentucky’s river cities.  The series’ goal is to encourage urban living in Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue and Dayton by showcasing the wide array of residential product types and amenities available.

Beyond the Curb offers a rare opportunity to explore the interiors of a number of residential and commercial properties in various neighborhoods in each river city. Tours showcase a variety of properties: apartments, condominiums, historic mansions and single-family residences throughout the eclectic urban neighborhoods. The program has even featured in-progress full-gut rehabs to let guests see how gorgeous exteriors can be saved and remade to fit modern lifestyles inside.

Guests will experience the urban lifestyle as they discover convenient amenities, local businesses, and the strong sense of community that exists in these river cities. Guests will also see the pride and dedication local residents have in their communities – as neighbors turn out to volunteer in all of the featured properties!

Beyond the Curb offers something for everyone, from young professionals to empty nesters, as well as those interested in historic preservation, interior design, and most importantly: URBAN LIVING!

In addition to the tour stops, this NKYmapLAB project features a  “heat map” which shows residential and commercial permits issued in Ludlow from 2005 – 2016.  This includes both interior and exterior projects, with the goal of showing where investment and reinvestment have happened in the community.  The heat map is a density of permits issued per acre, the least dense having 0.6 permits/acre, and the most dense (highest concentration) having 3.2 permits/acre.


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