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Current Conditions of Kenton County Bridges

This map shows all bridge structures in Kenton County tying them to recommended road projects from the 2014 Kenton County Transportation Plan.

Current conditions information comes from the Federal Highway Administration’s National Bridge Inventory (NBI) and rates the bridges based on a combination of their characteristics.  The bridge’s icon size illustrates its relative Average Daily Traffic count (ADT) and its color shows its sufficiency rating.  Bridges without ADT information or sufficiency ratings are either not part of the NBI or represent a railroad line.

This map shows the importance of bridges, not just those crossing the Ohio River but also those crossing the county.  Bridges are found along almost every High-, Medium-, and Low-Priority transportation projects identified in the Kenton County Transportation Plan.  As such, they represent long-term infrastructure investments for our community and need to be considered part of almost every major transportation project.

Two specific categories of bridges are also identified on the map: structurally deficient (SD) and functionally obsolete (FO).  As these terms are used on this map, structurally deficient bridges present one or more structural defects that require attention.  This does not indicate the severity of the defect, just that there is a defect present on the bridge deck, substructure, or superstructure.

As the term is used on this map, functionally obsolete bridges present as outdated by their design.  This could include deficient lanes for traffic flow, deficient break-down lanes, low clearance among others.  Functionally obsolete does not indicate deficiencies of a structural nature. (fhwa.dot.gov)


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