December2016 NKYmapLAB TANK Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

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December2016 NKYmapLAB TANK Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

TANK – December 2016 – LINK-GIS

Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky

Public transportation in Kenton County is provided by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK). TANK is part of the regional transit system that serves Northern Kentucky and Southwest Ohio (via Metro north of the Ohio River). TANK operates eight local routes including the Southbank Shuttle, five express routes, and seven Park & Ride locations in Kenton County.

Service to Kenton County represents approximately 50 percent of TANK’s regional ridership.  The other 50 percent of service is split between Boone and Campbell Counties.

TANK also partners with Green Umbrella, Agenda 360, Skyward, Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, and Metro to launch ”Transit Friendly Destinations”.  The program encourages sustainable transportation habits and recognizes businesses, organizations, and locations that actively promote transit ridership for their employees, customers, and guests.  The inaugural group includes Amazon, Citibank, Fifth Third Bank, Horseshoe Casino, Northern Kentucky University, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Gaslight, University of Cincinnati Engagement Program, Federal Home Loan Bank, Antonelli College, and Santa Maria Community Services.

TANK’s operations are affected dramatically by factors outside its control. One of these factors is the interrelationship between gas prices and transit ridership.  Analysis shows marked increases in TANK ridership as fuel prices increase.

TANK operates more than 130 buses in the three-county region today. TANK is an important partner in the economic growth of the region and is committed to maintaining a comprehensive transportation network for the community.

TANK traveled 4,914,428 miles in 2015.  That total was divided as follows.

  • 3,887,889 on fixed routes
  • 1,026,539 for demand response

TANK’s total ridership was 3,733,279 in 2015.  That total was divided among the following services.

  • 3,117,941 from fixed routes
  • 525,977 from the Southbank Shuttle
  • 89,361 from special services

POSTSCRIPT: The Story Map of which this illustration is a part may be found here. By the end of this Story Map experience, viewers will have a better understanding of TANK services, routes, and ridership across Kenton County.

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