Updating features in the field accuracy issue (TerraSync)

07-09-2014 08:35 AM
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My workflow involves going from TerraSync to Pathfinder Office to ArcMap.

Data is accurate and it works for me.

Now that I have features collected in ArcMap, it is time to go back out in the field and update them.

Here's where I've run into a problem.

In ArcMap, I export the features that I want to update as a Shapefile.

In Pathfinder Office, I use the "Import" tool to convert that Shapefile to a ".imp" file. (I've matched up Coordinate systems already)

Still in Pathfinder Office, I then use the "Data Transfer" tool to send the ".imp" file to my Trimble Device.

Using TerraSync on the Trimble Device, I can open the ".imp" file and view the features that I want to update.

However, the features are not accurately located on the device.

Averagely, the feature location on the device is about 20 meters away from where it should be.

From what I can tell, data is accurate up the point of being opened on the mobile device.

I am still new to GIS, figuring things out as I go.

Does anyone have an idea as to why my Features are 20m off target, only on the device?

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Can you help clarify the part where you say that the features are about 20 meters away from where they should be?

Do you mean to say that the Trimble's current location and your imported data do not line up in TerraSync's map tab when the GPS receiver is physically located at a feature, or do both the Trimble's location and feature location line up in the Map tab but in the real world you are not located a feature?

I did a quick test using a shapefile as a background and the .imp of that shapefile opened as the current data file and they were perfectly aligned on top of each other.

For now, check the Import utility's ESRI Shapefile Setup->Properties->Coordinate System in Pathfinder Office, and on your Trimble, TerraSync->Setup->Coordinate System to see if their coordinate systems are what you want.

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Hey Ryan,

Thanks for your response.

Upon further investigation and consulting, it turns out that it was a Coordinate System error.

I had been using UTM, and evidently Pathfinder Office does not play nicely with UTM.

Switched everything over to Stateplane and now It's working like a charm!

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