USCG Member Seeking Secondment (Houston, TX)

07-14-2021 11:40 AM
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Good Afternoon,

 I was hoping someone may be able to assist me.  I am an Active Duty US Coast Guard member currently engaged in our journeyman Marine Industry Training program.  The intent of the program is for members to embed within companies or agencies with roles in the Maritime Transportation System to educate the organization to work more intelligently with port partners and/or improve awareness of emerging trends and issues.  I will be providing reports to Coast Guard Headquarters and working in the port of Houston upon completion.

I had one organization fall through and am attempting to identify an alternative.  I'm hoping to engage with someone in the Houston area in the hydrographic surveying or maritime domain awareness fields - or any variation thereof.  If anyone has any recommendations, I would greatly appreciate any assistance you may be willing to offer.  I can provide more information if needed. Thank you very much for your time.

Very Respectfully,

 Kristin Gray

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Hey Kristin -

Give me your email address and we'll get a conversation going to try to find what you're looking for.  You can send me an email at  Note I was in the Coast Guard 1978-1982....long time ago:)


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HI Kristin,
I am very interested in talking with you and learning what you do with the
port of Houston.
I used to worked for Oceaneering and currently do independent consulting to
the Port of Houston.
One of the aspects of port management is emission control of sulphur
emissions in the Port by tanker and cargo ships.
I have been trying to learn more about environmental regulatory compliance
and what the rules are set forth by the US Coast Guard on that.

Let me know when we can talk
My number is 703 727 3013


Ravi Nigudkar
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