Renew license with credits

10-27-2022 03:48 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I suggest that credits be used to renew the license if  the correct amount needed in the credits to do this are available.

I have found myself without having used any of my credits, whatsoever, yet I am left wanting for more free training. The equivalent credits for the value of the license is remaining and available. If I am to continue training, this would be an efficient use of the credits, where I will eventually end up buying replacement credits once I achieve the level needed to use them, unless more credits are issued with the next license, which would be a license in perpetuity, but also is the option of the issuing entity.  I would be good with either option. Obviously, I have been able to be frugal in my credit use. I did not see an option that I could, or could not, use these credits to renew my license which is basic and used for training that is also meant to grow the end user's need for the license use.


I began this idea out of need. I will likely be awarded another license, but then felt giving up my current license to start over again seemed a ridiculous waste of time and credits. I was also sent from one department to the next until I asked if we could just find viable advice rather than returning me to where I started. This was a tech who advised I should place this IDEA in the ESRI Ideas since he had never heard of this idea of using credits to renew a license before.  I did not re-read my entire conditions, so perhaps there is already a stipulation that precludes this possibility of credits use for license renewal