Tips & Tricks: Managing your publication subscriptions such as ArcNews and ArcUser

03-12-2019 02:13 PM
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You are getting too many copies of ArcNews.

You've changed jobs and you still want to receive ArcUser but at your new address.

You're an Esri-certified trainer looking for training opportunities.

You want to be notified when a new version of ArcGIS Business Analyst is being released.

How can these be accomplished?

With a few clicks after signing in to My Esri, you can easily access the location from where you can control which publications and notifications you receive from Esri.

After signing in, navigate to My Profile > Edit Email Settings.

Click Set your preferences.

You'll now be at the Subscriptions page.

From here, select which of the publications you'd like to start receiving. You may also unselect any publications you no longer which to receive.

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click Save Preferences.

The link at the bottom allows you to opt out of all email communications.

A link in the Print Newsletters section allows you to opt out of all print mailings. Printed newsletters are only sent to those in the US.

If you are receiving publications from your distributor, you'll need to contact them - simply enter the name of your distributor office in the search box there to find their contact information.

To stop others from receiving publications, as when a staff member leaves your organization, you may contact us.

More Information

That link on My Esri uses my work email address. I need to manage publications for my personal email address, too. If you are getting multiple publications, it may be because you have subscriptions under multiple email addresses. You can check your other email addresses from the Email preferences page on

I'm only getting printed publications, so I haven't given you my email address. How do I unsuscribe from something I get in the mail? From the Email preferences page on, you can change print publication preferences by giving us the ZIP code and Subscriber ID that appear on the mailing label. You may also use this method to cut down on the number of printed materials your office receives.

How does Esri use my personal data? The Email preferences page on  provides some answers to frequently asked questions, including this one.

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