My Esri Release - October 7th, 2020

10-06-2020 12:22 PM
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We will be moving forward with a new release of My Esri this Wednesday October 7th, at 5pm (PST). Please see the below enhancements and fixes that will be included.






5.21 Release Items




  • The authorized caller confirmation email has been updated to include better instruction as well as the users call-in ID.
  • An issue was reported where technical support cases were being submitted under a different organization than the one the user had selected. The cause was narrowed down to where an authorized caller had two windows or tabs opened in the same browsers with different organizations selected. A fix has been added during the request case process where the system will recognize if the customer numbers differ and prompt an option to continue or abandon the form.




  • The Training page in My Esri has a new look. We've added an Overview page, which is intended to help all users, but particularly those new to Esri when locating training resources on Esri's Training website.




  • A bug was found for reports that had multiple columns that required scrolling horizontally. When scrolling to the right and trying to filter from the column heading, it immediately scrolled back to the left. This issue has been resolved.


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