My Esri Release - December 17th, 2019

12-16-2019 04:20 PM
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We will be moving forward with a release of My Esri on Tuesday December 17th at 5pm (PST). Please see the below key enhancements and fixes that will be included.




My Esri Release Items




  • My Esri is now available in Ukrainian.




  • ArcGIS Online information has been added to the Licensing page. This includes subscription ID, total remaining credits, activation date, renewal date, total members, available members, members per user type and add-on licenses.
  • For the License Esri Products workflow, the 'Ungroup Products by Authorization Number' has been updated to with an (optional) label to let users know they are not required to check the box. A Common Question has also been added explaining what the 'Ungroup Products by Authorization Number' means.
  • The link in the License Esri Products workflow that says 'What are add-on user type extensions and extensions bundles?' has been updated to 'What are add-on user type extensions?'
  • The License Esri Products workflow has been updated to make the Phone Number and State/Province fields required in the End User Information step.


Request Permissions


  • The request permission form has been updated to show a checkbox list of available My Esri permissions for a user to choose from. This helps the user select the correct permissions as well as the receiving administrator process the request as it will be pre-selected. 




  • The issue has been resolved where a user connected to one developer subscription was getting a permissions error when trying to access License File details.




  • For authorized callers, the ability to add notes to closed cases has been disabled. If there is additional information, the workflow is to contact the analyst via phone/email, or request a new case.
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