Making License Files Easier to Create and Recognize

03-07-2019 11:58 AM
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We’ve added a few features to the Licensing page to help us in our ongoing goal to make the licensing process simpler and more convenient to use.

License File Configurations

We’ve added a button to the License Esri Products workflow that allows you to save a configuration for files that you make multiples of, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth through the process.


The button shows up in all the steps of the process to allow you to create a configuration however you choose.

Once you’ve saved the configuration you can go to the Manage License File Configurations link to use it again or delete it if you no longer need it. You can also make changes to a configuration and save it or create a new, separate configuration.


License File Tags

We’ve also added the ability to tag license files to allow you to designate who the file is for, what department, location, etc. Any label you need to add to a license file can be added by tagging it.


To give you more control over the tags that are created for your organization there is a permission set up to allow whoever you designate to create, edit, or delete tags. If you have this permission turned on you will see a ‘Manage License File Tags’ link. From that link you can add a new tag.


You will also see a list of tags and how many license files that tag is used in. From here you can make edits to the tags or delete them.


Once you’ve created a tag is will be available to use in the License Esri Products workflow for your organization. You can also create tags from here if you have the Manage License File Tags permission turned on.