Maintenance renewals now available on My Esri!

08-28-2018 09:38 AM
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Need to renew your maintenance? Want to take care of it right now? Well, with the right permissions you can now do that through My Esri. (See this blog post for information about My Esri permissions -

To see if you have a quote that is eligible to be renewed through My Esri check out your Transactions tab. You’ll see a number next to it indicating you have a transaction available.

Click on the tab and check out the Renew Maintenance Quotes link on the left navigation bar, it will show a number indicating you have a quote to renew.

Click on the link and you’ll see your quote with a Renew My Maintenance button next to it.

This button will take you through the process of generating your maintenance order, providing a method of payment, and completing the transaction. You’re all set!