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With the release of ArcGIS Enterprisie 10.7, we took the opportunity to adde some new licensing features in My Esri to help our overall efforts to make this process easier. Please take a look at this video to see these features in action as well as gain knowledge on how to license ArcGIS Enteprise 10.7 in My Esri.



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We’ve added a few features to the Licensing page to help us in our ongoing goal to make the licensing process simpler and more convenient to use.

License File Configurations

We’ve added a button to the License Esri Products workflow that allows you to save a configuration for files that you make multiples of, so you don’t have to keep going back and forth through the process.


The button shows up in all the steps of the process to allow you to create a configuration however you choose.

Once you’ve saved the configuration you can go to the Manage License File Configurations link to use it again or delete it if you no longer need it. You can also make changes to a configuration and save it or create a new, separate configuration.


License File Tags

We’ve also added the ability to tag license files to allow you to designate who the file is for, what department, location, etc. Any label you need to add to a license file can be added by tagging it.


To give you more control over the tags that are created for your organization there is a permission set up to allow whoever you designate to create, edit, or delete tags. If you have this permission turned on you will see a ‘Manage License File Tags’ link. From that link you can add a new tag.


You will also see a list of tags and how many license files that tag is used in. From here you can make edits to the tags or delete them.


Once you’ve created a tag is will be available to use in the License Esri Products workflow for your organization. You can also create tags from here if you have the Manage License File Tags permission turned on.

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Historically, Esri provided an additional 30-day grace period for the first-year maintenance of perpetual licenses of some Esri products. This grace period was to allow for shipping time when Esri primarily delivered software on physical media.


This grace period was only for the first year of maintenance of perpetual licenses; subsequent years did not include a grace period. Term licensing also does not include a grace period.


Since all Esri software is now delivered digitally, and to make it easier for customers to line up their purchases of perpetual and term licenses, Effective April 1, 2019, we are eliminating this grace period for initial purchases of the following Esri software:


  • ArcGIS Desktop
  • ArcGIS Data Appliance
  • ArcGIS Engine
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • ArcGIS Runtime
  • ArcGIS StreetMap Premium
  • ArcGIS Business Analyst, Desktop, and Enterprise
  • ArcPad
  • Demographic Data
  • Esri CityEngine


Customers currently on their initial year of maintenance will maintain the 30-day grace period. Please contact your account manager, Esri Customer Service, or your local distributor for further information.

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In our next release scheduled for March 6th we will be adding a feature to the License Esri Products workflow that will allow you to add tags to better help identify files. You can add tags to assign a file to a specific person, location, or functionality as an example.

In preparation for the release of the licensing tag feature we have added a new permission to My Esri to allow users to manage these tags. You should now see a ‘Manage Licensing Tags’ permission grouped with the ‘View licensing information’ and ‘Take licensing actions’ permissions.

Turning this new permission on will allow users to create and edit licensing tags for your organization once the functionality is released. We’ve added the permission now so when the new functionality is turned on your organization will be ready to implement licensing tags.

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In our ongoing efforts to simplify the site and to be more consistent with changes to our licensing process we have made some updates to My Esri. Here is an overview of those updates:


Terminology Updates:

  • To be more consistent with licensing terminology, we have changed areas of the site that refer to 'provision' to 'license'.
    • The 'Create Provisioning File' link on the Licensing tab has been renamed 'License Esri Products'.
    • The 'Manage Existing Provisioning Files' link on the Licensing tab has been changed to 'Manage License Files'.

Streamlined Process Updates:

  • The last two steps of the licensing process have been combined to reduce the number of steps.
    • This combines the Delivery Method and Review steps into one.
  • For Products where you do not license extensions the License options have been removed.

Reporting Updates:

  • In the Authorization Activity Report we’ve removed items that are provisioned.
    • These aren’t always actually activated, so they can throw your numbers off.
  • We’ve moved the provisioned items to a new report.
    • This report will allow you to keep track of your license files and if they have been used or not.

Experience Updates:

  • A new Basic view has been added to the Licensing page that highlights the standard workflows to help you get your software up and running.
  • We’ve changed all references to ‘Provision’ to ‘License’.

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We’re working on some updates to the license summary page to help you keep track of the various types of licenses you might have and to help make things easier to manage.

Our first update to simplify things is renaming the page View License Summary.

We’ve also separated term licenses from licenses that are part of a maintenance program and added the maintenance status for each of your licenses.

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I need to move my license from one computer to another. Are there instructions anywhere on how to do that?

Why yes there are! Check out this technical article on how to transfer a desktop license to a different machine - How To: Transfer an ArcGIS Desktop license to a different machine 

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We’ve made an update to the Licensing tab that we think will make things a lot easier to navigate. Instead of one long list of links on the left navigation pane we’ve broken down the links in to categories.


This section contains the most frequently used links to manage and view your licenses.

Licensing Tools

This section has the tools that are used to manage and use additional functionality included with the licenses you have.


This section is used to register and manage the developer subscriptions for your organization.

Additional Licensing Forms

These are the functions that are used for older versions of your software and also to authorize if you are eligible for Secure Site Operations.

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“To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” – Winston Churchill

Sometimes the simplest of changes can have a great impact. We think these updates that have been made to the provisioning file process will help to prove that point.

Email delivery update

We’ve updated the Delivery Method step in the process to pre-populate the email address attached to your My Esri profile. This email address can still be changed to send to another user. But, if you are creating the file for yourself this will save you some typing time.

Send me a copy

Another update to the Delivery Method that we’ve added is the option to send yourself a copy of a provisioning file. This will help you to verify the file you’ve sent to another user is sent and save you a copy if you need it at a later date.

MAC address search

We’ve added a MAC address option to the Quick Search in Manage Existing Provisioning Files. If you’re looking for a file linked to a particular MAC address, just enter that address in the Quick Search field and boom! There’s the file!

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You just bought your very own Personal User copy of Esri software from the Esri Store. You're excited that now you can use ArcGIS Pro. Now, all you need to do is authorize Pro so you can start using it.

You sign in to My Esri, and attempt to authorize Pro, but you get a warning message that you can't use your account to authorize Pro because your account is a public account.

Well phooey.

This is because ArcGIS Pro uses the Named User license type, as explained in the ArcGIS Pro documentation.

Our colleague Kory Kramer has a lot of experience getting users up and running with ArcGIS Pro, and he has this advice: "If you sign in to and the page shows you as signed in but the URL still says, you’re using a public account and you won’t be able to use this to license Pro. You need to log in using the Named User account associated with your ArcGIS Pro license."

Read his full blog article here: 

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