Model wont preform second function

09-19-2018 01:11 PM
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The model starts correctly creating a folder, then creating 6 geodatabases. The next function I would like it to do is to preform an iterative clip (circled in black) across several feature classes. I want those clipped features to be placed in the "1_ExportedFromS" geodatabase. 

I have a precondition line from "1_ExportedFromS" geodatabase to Iterate Feature Classes. Is this correct? I am missing something else?

Help would be greatly appreciated!!

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The precondition line from "1_ExportedFromS" geodatabase to Iterate Feature Classes simply requires the "1_ExportedFromS" geodatabase be created before the Iteration is run. It does not direct the output of the iteration/clip be directed to the geodatabase. 

A quick tour of using preconditions—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

In your model, try right-clicking "Clip" > Make Variable > Current Workspace. You will probably see that the clip output is being directed to the Default.gdb. Now delete the blue default.gdb workspace oval. Connect the "1_ExportedFromS" geodatabase to the Clip tool, assigning it to Environment > Current Workspace.

Current Workspace (Environment setting)—Help | ArcGIS Desktop 

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The iterator causes the entire model to iterate. I think you want to put the iterator into a submodel, and have the iteration happen inside that submodel.

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