Is it possible to work with Dictionary/or other options in Modelbuilder?

01-31-2020 11:54 PM
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I am creating a model tool which is 95% complete but I want the tool to be able to select a category from the value list of categories and only all the classes that belong to that category shows to which one can select from. For instance of we have a group like this; Continent: Africa, Europe, Asia . Country: Nigeria, Ghana,Kenya, Egypt, Germany,Italy, Albania, Japan, China, Indonesia. By selecting Africa in that continent category, automatically gives you only options of country that belongs to that continent. Thanks

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Maybe using the word filtering will be better in ArcGIS pro model builder whereby if i select Africa on the continent value list , it dynamically shows only countries value list that belongs to that continent to pick from.. Please I need response ASAP. Thanks

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