How to access GPS z values in Survey123 / z enable the feature service

07-28-2016 02:58 PM
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Hi I'm trying to access the z values from the GPS coordinates in Survey123 but despite searching for sometime I cannot find how. The GeoPoint field in the form collected x, y,x as it was displayed as the survey name when stored on the phone waiting to be submitted. I have also been searching for how to make the feature service Z enabled (Point z feature geometry) when creating a form. I have been using the the  Survey123 Connect for ArcGIS desktop software.

Any guidance would be much appreciated after going in circles.

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This might be late to the party, but you can utilise the new 'pulldata' functionality introduced in Survey123 v1.8. The below help article gives you more information how to use it. Also, some of the built-in survey templates in Survey123 Connect have the functionality to show how it works.

(See blog post and comments for background info: )

I hope this helps.

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Hi Helen Pickard‌, I just published a short explanation about in our Survey123 Geonet Blog post. I hope this will clarify things. Thanks!

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