How to attach documents as an attribute

05-06-2019 11:58 AM
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Does anyone have a good workflow for attaching documents, pictures, etc. as an attribute in ArcGIS Pro?  


I have a point feature that contains all of my core hole collars. I would like to be able to just click on the core hole and the PDF copies of the logs will be displayed.  

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We are accomplishing this task by using the "Generate Attachment Match Table (Data Management)" and "Add Attachments (Data Management)" tools in ArcGIS.

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You can definitely work with attachments in ArcGIS Pro.  You can find some documentation here about enabling attachments, adding attachments, and editing attachments.  

Another option that I recommend is publishing your core hole collars as a service to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise.  From there you can choose to "Allow Attachments".  Any updates you make to the hosted feature service in Pro will be reflected in ArcGIS Online and you will have a simple workflow for viewing and editing attachments through the web browser.


Matt Ballard

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Hi Luke,

My preference is to link documents via URL unless they are photos and the like. A URL to a document management system will retain and leverage the document permissions provided by the document management system to protect your / others documents without any extra effort on your part.



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Luke Thompson

This approach is great one, especially when you have a document management system in place.  The document management system could even be something as simple as an Amazon S3 bucket where documents get uploaded to.

You can build the URLs to link out to other systems using one of the fields in your dataset (such as a unique identifier), assuming your documents have a standard name convention.  Here are some resources with information about configuring pop-ups to have hyperlinks.

Configure pop-ups - ArcGIS Pro

Using URL Parameters in pop-ups

Matt Ballard

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