Harvest external ISO 19139 metadata to ArcGIS Portal

07-01-2021 01:00 AM
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We have some public facing Metadata in ISO 19139.

They are published as XML: https://geodata-info.dk/srv/api/records/1bbc1ecf-fe3d-4a28-aace-e614aabfd71d/formatters/xml

We like the ability to automatically harvest these metadata into the portal metadata, where we also use ISO 19139. 

We could do it through a script that maps each attribute, but now that we have the metadata standards alligned on both sites, i am hoping to find tools for this instead of inventing it ourselves?

Any ideas?



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I am not a programmer, so YMMV. However, the Portal documentation states "Regardless of the applied style, the metadata is always stored in ArcGIS metadata format" So it is likely that to use your metadata in Portal, you will need to convert it from ISO 19139 to ArcGIS metadata in style ISO 19139. It is likely you can use API for Portal to accomplish this, since the desktop software has converters.

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