What’s New on ArcGIS Hub Search

07-06-2023 05:54 AM
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This is a summary of the original ArcGIS Blog post.


Searching for content is a foundational part of your ArcGIS Hub catalog. A good search empowers users to easily and quickly find the information they’re seeking as well as discover new content. We know how much work you put into curating your content and we are excited to unveil what we’ve been working on over the past several months to make Hub search a great experience.

Check out the latest blog post, What’s New on ArcGIS Hub Search to learn more about:

  • Your Thumbnails: Front and Center
  • Enhanced Filters 
  • Keeping Layers Together 

You can enable the new experience for all users by clicking on the link in the search catalog. If you’d like to go back to the old version, you can change back to the classic view at any time.  

We’re excited to enable your users with more ways to find the content they’re seekingWe encourage you to check out the new search view and share your feedback on ArcGIS Hub Esri Community.

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